farell beam is an artist living in san francisco. 

My work thrives on chance. Elements of chance provide a formal problem for me to reconcile. First, I create small ink drawings by moving paper in different directions, allowing inkblots to flow with spontaneity and directional uncertainty. Using my artistic judgment, I then find and formulate patterns among the ink drippings. Finally, I use these found patterns to inspire and construct abstract paintings and drawings.

In my process, chance is not blind. Rather, chance is a controlled factor that exists as a compositional tool to embrace randomness and contingency. This working structure reflects my mindfulness practice, which enables me to see the world with sharper clarity. The serenity derived from intense awareness illuminates the path by which I make sense of random, spontaneous occurrences.

I incorporate chance and choice to expose the inherent dualistic nature of the human experience: the rational and irrational, the conscious and unconscious, reality and dream, certainty and ambiguity. Formal choices in my work highlight man’s struggle for equilibrium in a world of opposing forces. I seek to create balanced compositions by incorporating contrasting elements: organic vs. synthetic colors, fluid vs. hard-edge lines, pure vs. muted color, complimentary colors, negative vs. positive shapes, surface deconstruction vs. reconstruction.

Inspired by experiment and play, the fundamentals of the artistic process, I challenge myself to create structure from initial experiments with chance. In this way, my work attempts to reconcile and navigate uncertainty, intervene with choice and control, and give form to spontaneity, randomness and contingency.